Becoming a Member Photographer

If you are interested in becoming a member photographer, please contact us for more information!

Why Join?

Use your photographic talent to support our troops. Every soldier deserves to have high-quality pictures of their loved ones to take with them. This is an opportunity to help out, in a small way, a soldier and their family living in your community. Because of the nature of the work, there is no minimum commitment. The number and frequency of clients you accept is based upon your schedule and availability.

Membership Requirements

To become a member, you must:
~Be a professional portrait photographer with access to a high-quality print lab.
~Be willing to donate a 1-hour session, 2 8x10 prints, and 2 5x7 prints to an active-duty serviceman or woman in your community deploying for duty; or a family member who has a loved one actively serving our country.
All prints must be presented or sent directly to the deploying soldier.